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Leaf Friction Hinge

  •  Constant torque resistance allows hatch / door to be left open in desired position.
  •  Some sizes have cover plates to hide screws (optional). Material: Polished SS316.
  •  500h salt spray test approved. Cycle performance: 2 -25%.


  • Torque: 2 (+/-,5)Nm 54x45mm.
  • Torque: 3,1 (+/-,7)Nm 75x28mm.
  • Torque: 3,1 (+/-,6)Nm 79x45mm.
  • Torque: 3,2 (+/-,6)Nm 99x28mm.
  • Torque: 4,1 (+/-,7)Nm 15x45mm.
  • Torque: 4,3 (+/-,7)Nm 123x28mm.
  • Torque: 5,3 (+/-.8)Nm 13x45mm.
  • Torque: 5,4 (+/-.8)Nm 51x28mm.

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Length/Witdth 105x45mm, 123x28mm, 130x45mm, 51x28mm, 54x45mm, 75x28mm, 79x45mm, 99x28mm

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