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In order to buy from our web shop you have to be 18 years old or have guardian consent. By sending your order, you also confirm the purchase and our sales conditions.


All our prices are shown excluding VAT and freight. We reserve the right to change declared prices if our purchase prices change.
In notified orders the price will never change from its origin. Our goal is always to show correct pricing information on the site.


All prices are shown excluding VAT.


Export of goods outside the European Union requires that the VAT is withdrawn at the time of delivery. The VAT of the receiving country and potential customs fee will be added on by the post office/customs service when the goods pass the border in the receiving country.
We deliver to all countries provided that payment by credit card has been made.


Bank and Credit Cards (VISA and MasterCard )

We are very careful with the security when you provide your credit card number. All transfers will be made encrypted with 3DSecure connection, which is the latest standard recommended by the larger banks.

3D Secure is a technology created by VISA to identify you as a customer when you pay with your credit card on line. This standard is also used by MasterCard. This technology means that when you use your card to purchase goods or services on the Internet, it is up to your card issuer or bank to identify you. The identification is made by entering a personal password or code at the time of purchase. Through encrypted communication the purchase is monitored by the card company via a special security server. The password you have either chosen yourself or been given by the bank (card issuer). Benefits for you as a consumer to use a payment on the Internet that offers 3DSecure means that you have an opportunity to verify that you are the actual cardholder, which means less risk that the card is used fraudulently. The brands showing that the transactions are verified with 3DSecure is Verified by VISA” for VISA and “SecureCode” for MasterCard.


Onmar will deliver all packagesunder1 kg with Postal letter / package and all deliveries above1 kg with Schenker ground delivery. If you wish to receive your goods with another freight forwarder, we ask you to please contact us before placing the order. Express delivery service is available for countries outside Sweden. Please contact Onmar before placing the order for correct freight cost.


The valid freight cost will appear in your shopping cart before checkout.


We offer a 1 year warranty on all products you purchase from us. If you require more information about the warranty you are welcome to contact us.


As a private customer you have therefore all rights which are mentioned in the Consumer Law , which includes two years warranty right is you can prove manufacturing defects. All sales are made according to the Law of Consumer Protection (SFS 1990:932) and the Purchase Law (SFS 1990:931). Read more on the Swedish Consumer Agency site. 
Personal InformationTo be able to purchase from our web shop you need to fill in all required fields when you register as a customer. Submitting an order means that you accept that your name and ID-number are registered in our customer database. All personal information given to us or that we take part of at the time of entering an order or visiting our website will be treated by us with high respect in the role of data manager. The information will be used in such a way that we, at the time of purchase, can fulfill all our commitments to you, carry out credit controls and for marketing purposes. It is important that you share with us your email address so that we can make all communication regarding your order easier. You have the rights to ask for all personal information that is registered about you in our database. If they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant you have the right to ask for the information to either be corrected or deleted. We do not share any of your personal information with third parties except in the case of payment by credit card.


It is important that you have filled in your email address correct in order for us to send you the order confirmation directly after submitted order. If you do not receive an order confirmation we ask you to please contact us to ensure that your order has been received. On the order acknowledgement you can find expected delivery time.


As a consumer you have the rights to change or cancel your purchase up until 14 days from expected delivery date. Onmar by Helekopter AB applies 30 days ”open purchase”. This allows you to investigate the product. If you affect the condition of the product in such a way that it does not longer appear as new, your rights to the “open purchase” will be forfeited. This also includes that the product needs to be returned in unspoiled original packaging. The goods should be in new condition and the packaging unspoiled.

The freight cost for a return for an “open purchase”-return is paid by the customer. Onmar by Helekopter will pay back the full amount of the goods latest 30 days from return date (considering that the product is in new condition and the original packaging is unspoiled).


Please note that you have to contact us at info@onmar.se, before returning any goods. In the event of any return, your name, address, payment date, etc needs to be written down on a note and accompany the return to facilitate the repayment.

Onmar by Helekopter AB 
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SE-633 47 Eskilstuna – SWEDEN


For invoice payments that are not paid on time, we will send a payment reminder which also includes a reminder fee of 50 sek (6 euro). In addition you will be charged an interest rate of +8% of the invoice amount, following the Swedish Law of Interest.If you do not pay the new invoice you will be blocked from our customer database. If payment still does not occur the case will be transferred to the Company of Dept Collection in your country, where a payment reminder fee, delayed interest rate and the costs for the Dept Collection Company will be added on, according to the law.

We always try our outmost to show accurate information on this website, but there is always a risk of mistake. Therefore we reserve ourselves from errors in regards to the product prices, product specifications, stock sell out, changes in product range and delivery delays that are out of our control.